Envato Shortcode - Wordpress Plugin

Envato Shortcode – WordPress Plugin

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Hi! Take a look at Envato Shortcode – our next WordPress Plugin, which allows you to present always up-to-date information about products from the all of Envato Markets (ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, Codecanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune, 3DOcean, AudioJungle, ActiveDen) in posts in a elegant and simple way and to earn money in the Envato Affiliate Program.

The plugin is available at CodeCanyon:  [$0].

Data presentation

The plugin offers three ways to present data:

Large box (default)

iPad in Cafe Mock-ups

Graphics / Product Mock Ups / Displays / Mobile

  • Rating

  • Sales


  • Author


  • $5
  • Envato Market


  • Premiere


  • Last update


Clickable app name with price

great to create a list of products:


Clickable price

to be placed anywhere in the text:

You can buy our WordPress Plugin at CodeCanyon for $0.

Preview Image

Too see preview image just place the cursor on the product thumbnail.

MELLANIE – Responsive Coming S...

Site Templates / Specialty Pages / Under Construction

  • Rating

  • Sales


  • Author


  • $6
  • Envato Market


  • Premiere


  • Last update


Custom CSS

We tried to make our plugin the most universal and independent of the used template. Of course, this is not always possible and sometimes a minor appearance changing may be necessary (like font size, button colors etc.). You can do it in the settings page, adding your own CSS rules.


  • three ways of presenting data
  • Envato Affiliate Program support
  • showing iamge preview
  • custom CSS
  • responsive
  • ready for translation (.po files)
  • data caching (reducing the number of connections to Envato Market API)

If you have any pre-sale questions or suggestions for additiotal functionality, post a comment.